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Candle Holders

Genuine rustic english oak 'Log Light' tea light holder
unique half log tea light holders handmade from oak with natural rustic bark finish. Only 2 available
Genuine rustic English oak 'Tree Lights' set of 3
Genuine hand sawn rustic oak 'Tree Lights'. Made from fallen English oak. Great for use indoors or outdoors.
reclaimed rustic 6 tea light holder (personalised)
This 6 tea tealight holder, with your very own personalised design/name/date permanently burnt into it, is hand crafted from solid reclaimed wood and finished in a rustic/distressed style.
reclaimed rustic pillar tea light candle holders (set of 3)
3 characterful rustic pillar tea light candle holders handmade from reclaimed wood, with genuine aging giving unique markings to each set. Ideal as centrepiece anywhere in the home.
reclaimed rustic single tea light holders (pack of 4)
handmade rustic tea light holders made from solid reclaimed wood. great for placing around any room.
reclaimed rustic twin tea light candle holders (pack of 2)
The charm of these rustic tea light candle holders suit any style of home, modern or traditional, and place nicely in any room of the house from conservatory to living room and from bathroom to bedroom, creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.
Shabby Chic candle holders (pack of 4)
stylish individual tea light candle holders with distressed finish in various colours.
Shabby Chic personalised 6 tealight holder (various colours)
This personalised 6 tea light holder is hand made and crafted from solid wood and finished in a painted distressed style. With added text/logo/date etc in the centre.
Solid pine pillar tea light candle holders (set of 3)
light up any room with a set of 3 pillar style tea light candle holders, great as a gift, even better for yourself.