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How to order a custom/bespoke product.

Here at Captain's Craftworks we welcome requests for custom and bespoke products, whether that be for an existing design to be made to a specific size, a completely new design or something unrelated to our standard range.

No matter what your needs, if it involves wood, we will be happy to quote or just give our expert advice.

To get a quote for any of our existing products, all you need to do is, call or email us with the exact sizes (height, width and depth in centimeters or inches) of the product you have chosen and we will get a no pressure quote to you right away.

To get a quote for a product you would like to change the design of or for a completely new design, call or email us with a description of what you want and the sizes 
(height, width and depth in centimeters or inches).
It may also help if you are able to attach an image of your design/idea whether that be a image from the internet or a photo of a simple drawing  you have made yourself.

Please call or text Adam our workshop manager to discuss your needs on
07544 122 853
send us an email to: sales@captains-craftworks.co.uk

We strive to help out as much as we can and always use our knowledge to help you get exactly what you want and will advise on the best solution(s).

Some larger items i.e larger versions of shoe racks etc may have to be shipped in kit form please ask for details.